Ice-O-Matic Ice Machines for Sale

Ice-o-Matic is the perfect brand for you, if you need different styles of ice. They have a wide range of different machines across Sydney, Australia depending on your different ice needs.

In 1952, the Ice-o-Matic company started manufacturing its stainless steel and rigid plastic ice machines. These machines use simple electromechanical controls that are less likely to break down than previous versions. These features have made the Ice-o-Matic ice machine reliable, durable, and efficient.

Which is the best Ice-o-Matic ice machine for you? You can choose from self-contained ice makers, self-contained cube ice makers, cube ice makers, flake ice makers, hotel dispensers, and B-Series storage bins. You can fit your hotel, restaurant, or office with any of these to keep everyone happy.

The self-contained ice makers create clear cubes and have a no-sag stainless steel top. The Ice-o-Matic Harvest Assist System delivers more ice faster, perfect for large events or businesses which go through a lot of ice.

Many of these cube ice makers are made of 300 Series stainless steel in and out. Maintenance is easier due to the quick-release panel system Ice-o-Matic employs. Hotel dispensers include a convenient Power Clean system, perfect for keeping your hotel or business running smoothly and efficiently.